Tom Vidar Rygh

Tom Vidar Rygh (born 1958)


Chairman of the board of directors, Tom Vidar Rygh, is engaged as an advisor to the Nordic Capital Funds. Mr. Rygh holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Mr. Rygh has held various leading executive positions within industrial and financial companies, among them Executive Vice President of Orkla ASA, CEO of SEB Enskilda and Partner/CEO of NC Advisory AS – advisor to the Nordic Capital Funds. Mr Rygh has served as Chairman and director of several companies in a number of sectors, including inter alia Telenor ASA, Oslo Stock Exchange, Carlsberg Breweries A/S, Storebrand ASA, Aktiv Kapital ASA, Eniro AB, Netcom ASA, Helly Hansen ASA, Dyno ASA, Industrikapital Ltd, Actinor Shipping ASA, Borregaard Forests AS, Holberg Inc, Orkla Eiendom AS, Telia Overseas AB and Baltic Beverage Holding AB. He has also served as advisor to a number of prominent investment groups such as TPG and John Fredriksen group.

Hege Bømark

Hege Bømark (born 1963)

Board member

Member of the board of directors, Hege Bømark, is a board member of Union Eiendoms-invest Norge ASA, AF-Gruppen ASA, OBOS-banken AS and the institute for eating disorders respectively. Mrs Bømark has also been a board member of Oslo Areal ASA, Norgani Hotels ASA, BWG-Homes ASA, Norwegian Property ASA and Fornebu Utvikling ASA respectively, all of which are or have been listed companies. Prior to becoming a fulltime professional board member, Mrs Bømark held positions as project broker in AS Eiendomsutvikling, financial analyst in Fearnley Finans AS and financial analyst in Orkla Finans AS. Mrs Bømark holds a MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business

Tone Fintland

Tone Fintland (born 1962)

Board member

Member of the board of directors, Tone Fintland, has many years of experience as a director in the pharmaceutical industry. Mrs Fintland has functioned since 2016 as global procurement director at TEVA Pharmaceuticals, and has previously held similar positions in the Actavis Group and Alpharma Inc. In addition, Mrs Fintland is a vice president of NIMA, chairperson of NIMA Oslo Akershus Affiliate and a director of NIMA Utdanning AS. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the BI Norwegian Business School.

Bente Sollid Storehaug

Bente Sollid Storehaug (born 1967)

Board member

Member of the board of directors, Bente Sollid Storehaug, is a professional board member with experience from more than 30 different companies, including inter alia Polaris Media ASA, DnB Kapitalforvaltning ASA, PSI Group ASA and Captura ASA. In addition, Mrs Sollid Storehaug has been the CEO of 5 different companies, established more than 10 companies and received several awards and recognitions for her work. Mrs Sollid Storehaug holds a Bachelor in Political Science from Molde University, has completed executive studies at BI Norwegian Business School and is a certified communication consultant. .

Claus Juel-Jensen (born 1963)

Board member

Member of the board of directors, Claus Juel-Jensen, has been the CEO of Netto International since 2005-16 and has extensive experience in the discount retail business. He holds an MBA and MSc from the Copenhagen Business School, and the rank of captain in the Royal Danish Guard. In addition, Mr Juel-Jensen is a director of DanskReturSystem AS and has previously been a director of Netto and DanskSupermarked AS.

Carl Christian Westin Jansson

Carl Christian Westin Jansson (born 1949)

Board member

Carl Christian Westin Jansson is chairman of the board of directors of Apoteket AB, Vivoline Medical AB, Min Doktor International AB. board member of Europris AS, KappAhl AB, Carl Westin AB, Fata Morgana AB, Blue Water Systems AB and Jäger & Jansson Galleri AB.Previously Mr Westin Jansson has held positions as a director and chairman of Enzymatica AB, KappAhl AB and Svensk Handel. Mr Westin Jansson has also been an independent director of Svenskt Näringsliv, Bong AB, Ellos AB and a number of minor or subsidiary companies. Mr Westin Jansson holds a doctorate of economics h.c. at the University of Lund (2010) where he in 1971 received both his graduate and undergraduate degree.